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Karasuma Eishi
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Robin Howard

Bellwether先導者 (べルウエザー)  Beruuezā」 is a First Ability that seraphs may awaken into, and is a power that is said to move groups.[1] Karasuma Eishi was the first Bellwether to awaken in the current timeline, followed almost immediately after by Arthur C Phoenix and later by Robin Howard.


Bellwethers are seraphs that are able to control and brainwash other seraphs.[2] Though the range of their influence is limited, all seraphs that are within that radius can be controlled by the Bellwether, effectively allowing them to make use of the abilities of other seraphs.[3]

Using strong emotions and words, Bellwethers are also able to influence and draw out their companions' strengths, thus help them to awaken faster.


All Bellwethers share a similar set of abilities revolving around control and manipulation of others. However, distinction can be made between Bellwethers by the color of the phantasmal wings that appear whenever they use their ability.

Enhanced Silent Wing: Bellwethers are able to use a different, enhanced form of telepathy from silent wing that manifests itself as a giant pair of wings in the sky. The size of the wings increases with the range of the communication[4] and the color of these wings differs among individuals.[2][5] Communication through this channel is not restricted by language barriers. Like Silent Wing, this form of telepathy also utilizes alpha waves and thus can be collected and used to track down the seraph, though the intensity of the waves appear to be far greater depending on the user.[6] Eishi's is noted to have such a high output that his Silent Wing cannot be received by any equipment.[6] The range of this form of telepathy can extend to huge distances, from simple message transfers to seraphs within a city or across continents to broadcasting to all seraphs across the entire world.[4]

Forced Submission: Some Bellwethers have displayed the ability to force another seraph to submit to their will by exerting a certain force through the same wings that appear when they use their version of the silent wing. [7]

Mind Control: Bellwethers can force other seraphs to obey their commands.[8] When combined with a Linker's power, Bellwethers are also able to control humans to do the same.[9]



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