The Bird Club (鳥部 (とりぶ) Toribu) is an unofficial club started by Sagisawa Rei.


The purpose of the club is to look for the birdman.[1] However, that is a cover to hide the club's true activities, which is for the members to improve their teamwork, train and strategize in order to combat the blackouts.[2]


Bird Club activity meetings are held every night from 2am to 4am on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at the sky terrace of the Mansion Tower. After recruiting Tatsume Naoyuki as their professor and collaborator, the club's meeting locations alternate between Tokyo University and the Mansion Tower, with the former being used for group discussions and the latter being used for training.


Bird Club Members

All members of the Bird Club.

Originally, the Bird Club consisted of only 5 members. However, at Karasuma Eishi's suggestion, the Club agreed to get a collaborator who could help them to better understand their problems and hopefully find a solution to reversing their transformation.

Kamoda Portrait Eishi Seraph Portrait Rei Seraph Portrait Sou Seraph Portrait Umino Seraph Portrait
Kamoda Mikisada
Karasuma Eishi
(Vice President)
Sagisawa Rei
Takayama Sou
Umino Tsubame
Marilyn Portrait Tatsume Portrait
Tatsume Naoyuki


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