Birdmen (バードメン) is a monthly manga written and illustrated by Tanabe Yellow. It debuted on July 17, 2013 and is serialized in the Weekly Shounen Sunday magazine. 


The 15 year old pessimist Karasuma Eishi, his childhood friend Mikisada Kamoda, rich boy Sagisawa Rei and his sweet friend Tsubame Umino, all find themselves in a bus accident which brings them on the verge of death. They're saved by a mysterious boy known as the Birdman who was thought to be just a suburban legend. Following the accident the four middle-schoolers realise they have been transformed into birdmen. With the help of the birdman, Takayama Sou they learn how to use their new powers and along with him they try to discover the truth behind the existence of the birdmen.