Eden (エデン, Eden) is an organization in Birdmen. It is the city that stands at the zenith of learning and scholarship and controls the world's largest international gene bank with a giant database of all life on earth.[1]


Eden is an organization that resulted from the advent of genetic engineering in the 1970s, in which the wealthy from all over the world created foundations that invested in the field and started projects.

Eden maintains strong relations with the major powers and has numerous investors as well as economic influence, allowing it to stand toe-to-toe with others in the international community.

Although Eden is technically in Norwegian territory, their legislative and administrative bodies are separate from the mainland's. They are self-governed and manage matters differently from a normal nation. Hence within the city, there are not many legal restrictions on research and experiments and ethical limitations are non-existent.

As a result, Eden is subject to a host of rumors including their allowance for experiments such as human cloning, designer babies, and the creation of angels.


On the surface, Eden holds the goal of protecting biological resources for the advancement of mankind. However, at its root is the idea that designing lifeforms would become possible if they were able to isolate qualities like lifespan, outward appearance and IQ.


Eden's Underground Base

Eden's underground base, located in the Arctic Circle.

Eden is located in the Arctic Circle at the edge of Jotunzwendel Island in the Svalbard archipelago, and thus the barren land functions as a natural freezer that makes it suitable for preserving genetic material.

It is an underground city located around 100 meters below sea level that is 100 meters in diameter, along with a giant shelter in a mountain that is rumored to be able to withstand a nuclear attack. Within this city is a large amount of research facilities focused on the biological sciences furnished with top-notch equipment. However, weapon production is outsourced.[2]

Eden is mostly full of directly managed experimental farmland, although it contains places where security can get very tight.


The total population in Eden is around 150,000 people. Important personages from various countries and their families go to Eden to receive the best medical treatment using the latest technologies and techniques.

Eden gathers young and talented individuals and raise them before sending them to study abroad in prestigious universities in the west or train in international institutions, thus the city has plenty of intelligentsia and at least 80% of their population has an IQ over 140.

Eden's webpage

Eden's secret website, accessed by Tatsume Naoyuki

Eden has a secret website separate from its official website that they use to headhunt. In order to get access to the site, regular participation at Eden's game site is required and some questions have to be answered. If the person passes, they are sent an ID and a password that grants them access to the people of Eden. Anonymity is allowed throughout the process.

Eden's websites have an iron wall defense that prevents hacking, so a hacker has to use a foreign server in order to make a connection.


Red Eye Institute of Life SciencesEdit

The Red Eye Institute of Life Sciences (レッドアイ生命科学研究所 (せいめいかがくけんきゅうじょ) Reddoai seimei kagakukenkyūjo) is an organization within Eden. It is headed by Viktor Ivanovich Baranoff and appears to be in-charge of the Seraph project.



Even though Eden does not have any limitations on the experiments they conduct, the experiments they conduct on living beings are kept under tight security. Amongst these experiments is the Seraphim, of which there are numerous experimental bodies. Eden keeps a track on the blackouts experienced as well as the number of days in the cycle of of its appearance.

Cherubs are kept at farms until they awaken, upon which they are removed from that farm and isolated from their peers. They are then given a caretaker and a code name.[3] Some of these seraphs, such as Fiona, can be loaned out upon request for a set duration and their new temporary handler is given a copy of the usage instructions and the loan duration's worth of medication with extra reserves.[4] The seraphs are allowed to apply for allowances including clothing.[5]

There are at least 47 unawakened seraphs that are under Eden's control, along with a fair share of awakened seraphs.[6]

Adler Portrait Arthur Portrait Barbara Portrait Canary Portrait Dove Portrait
Adler Arthur C Phoenix
Barbara Novak
Canary Dove
Eva Portrait Fiona Portrait Fly Portrait Gabrielle Portrait Guang Feng Portrait
Eva Oulu Fiona
Fly Gabrielle Guang Feng
Gull Portrait Hillmyna Portrait Icarus Portrait Irene Portrait Luther Portrait
Gull Hillmyna Icarus Irene Griff
(Black Armor)
Luther Stark
Mayur Portrait Bat Portrait Milan Portrait No.8-55 Portrait Parrot Portrait
Mayur Miguel Antonio Batista
Milan No.8-55
Robin Portrait Sibyl Portrait Thrush Portrait Ying Huang Portrait
Robin Howard
Sibyl Swan
(Bird Charmer)
Thrush Ying Huang

Enhanced HumansEdit

Enhanced humans (強化人間 (きょうかにんげん) Kyōka Ningen)[7] are one of Eden's experimental projects that was later discarded in favor of the Seraph project. Because of this bias, several enhanced humans hold a grudge against seraphs. Enhanced humans take drugs in order to strengthen themselves to superhuman levels. However, overdosing on the drugs can be fatal.

Enhanced Humans
Irene EH Portrait
Irene Griff

Designer BabiesEdit

Designer babies (デザイナーベビー, Dezainābebī)[8] are one of Eden's successful projects that involved the cloning and genetic manipulation of embryonic cells. There are approximately 500 working designer baby clones currently employed in Eden from two different models, Adam II and Eve III. The Adam II models have an average lifespan of 24 years, while the Eve III models are said to be able to live slightly longer. They are responsible for the creation of the Seraph project.[9]

The letters in the middle of their real names refers to the color of their eyes.

Adam Series
Fox Portrait Jonathan Portrait Samuel Portrait
Adam Fox
Jonathan Samuel
Eve Series
Bluebell Portrait Daisy Portrait Jasmine Portrait Lily Portrait Rose Portrait
Bluebell Daisy EIII-B-1169
Sky Portrait


Other experiments that Eden is known to conduct include:

  • Genetic Manipulation (遺伝子操作 (いてんしそうさ) Idenshi Sōsa)[10]
  • Cyborgs (サイボーグ , Saibōgu)[10]
  • Chimeras (キメラ , Kimera)[10]


Vicktor Portrait
Viktor Ivanovich Baranoff
American Branch
Biff Portrait Leo Portrait Shepherd Portrait
Biff Leo Sanders Shepherd
Japan Branch
Kai Portrait Kyoko Portrait
Kai Senichi Shiba Chiyoko
Bolt Portrait Maria Portrait Shinjin Portrait Wolf Portrait
Bolt Maria Shinjin Wolf


  • Eden gets its name from the Garden of Eden in the Book of Genesis, where the first humans, Adam and Eve, originated.


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