Mikisada Kamoda
Mikisada Komoda
Japanese Name 鴨田 樹真
Rōmaji Name Kamoda Mikisada
Alias Green
Age 14 years old
Height 185cm
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Ability Life Stealer
Family Unnamed Father

Kamoda Youko (Older sister)

Occupation Student

Bird Club (Member)

Affiliation Municipal Tenkuudai Middle School
First Appearance
Debut Prologue 1
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Kamoda Mikisada is a 14-year-old student from Municipal Tenkuudai Middle School. He is Karasuma Eishi's childhood friend. Following a bus accident he becomes a birdman along with his friend.


Kamoda is well built and is made for fighting. He is bald but hates to be called "baldy". Kamoda has 185cm height.

As a seraph, he has green-colored markings.


Despite the constant fights he gets into and his scary looks which make him appear like a delinquent, Kamoda is a kind, friendly, somewhat naive and childish with a straightforward nature. Because of his athletic, sturdy body people often approach and urge him to enter their shady groups. It is also stated that he had to quit karate and basketball because of the fights. He has a soft spot for small, slender girls, however they're always scared away by his appearance. He's also a big cat lover.

Eishi describes him as good guy, positive by nature and full of energy. However he also calls him simple minded.



Life Stealer (不死者(ライフスティーラー), Raifusutīrā): An ability that allows Kamoda to regenerate from any wounds or injuries by absorbing the strength from other birdmen around him.


  • Kamoda is written with the kanji for "wild duck" and paddle field.
  • His blackout motif is a Nio.