Karasuma Eishi
Japanese Name 烏丸・英司
Rōmaji Name
Alias Black
Age 15
Height 158cm
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Ability 1st: Bellwether
2nd: Fire Starter
Family Unnamed parents
Occupation Student

Vice-president of the Bird Club

Affiliation Municipal Tenkuudai Middle School
First Appearance
Debut Prologue 1
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Karasuma Eishi (烏丸・英司) is the main protagonist of the story. He is a 15 year old boy attending Municipal Tenkuudai Middle School.


At the beginning of the story Eishi wears glasses, but after becoming a birdman his eyesight improves and he no longer requires them. He has black straight hair and is 158 cm tall.

As a seraph, his markings are black-colored.


From the very beginning, Karasuma is portrayed as a convinced pessimist. He's unsociable and often thinks he's better than others, however he clearly seeks affection. Also, despite not liking energetic and obnoxiously loud people, he's friends with Mikisada Kamoda who even calls him "Ei-chan". Karasuma is noted to be very smart, always attentive to his surroundings, meticulous and often finds himself overthinking. What's more, despite being known as a negative person, it is stated that he hates to lose and that he's strong-willed and sensible.

He has a weak body structure, has little confidence in his physical abilities and was the last one to be learn how to fly, though Karasuma does not like to lose or give up. He eventually becomes the best at flying among his peers. Takayama states that Karasuma is the only one who would be able to withstand a blackout on his own out of the five of them, aside from himself. He is also the first to have awakened his ability.

He also appears to be in a conflict with his mother, treating her coldly and often judging her. They apparently fell out after his father, a pilot, left them.



Bellwether Eishi

Eishi's Bellwether ability.

Bellwether (先導者(べルウエザー), Beruuezā): As a bellwether, Eishi is able to control other seraphs. He has his own form of telepathy that is different from the silentwing ability all seraphs can use, and the activation of this power manifests as a giant pair of black wings in the sky. Additionally, he can hasten the awakening of other seraphs by influencing them with his words, such as when Mikisada Komoda awakened by remembering the words Eishi once said to him.


  • Karasuma is written with the kanji for "raven/crow" and "circle/whole".
  • His blackout motif is an airplane.