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Umino Tsubame

Linker繋ぐ者 (リンカー)  Rinkā」 is a First Ability that some seraphs may possess.


Linkers are seraphs that are capable of linking humans and seraphs.[1] They have a much stronger ability to hear the voice of people who are dying. With sufficient training, they can also detect and identify other people who are within their vicinity, such as spies and eavesdroppers.[2]


Linkers specialize in linking with humans.

"Voice" (こえ)  Koe」: Linkers are able to hear the voices of people and animals whose lives are in danger or are close to dying, although the phenomenon is more akin to hearing their thoughts and wishes.[3] The voice is accompanied by a severe pain in the seraph's wings. Each type of voice has its own intensity. Animal voices are only some what startling and can only be heard if they are in close proximity, lasting for a few seconds. Human voices are the loudest and the most painful, and their voices only subside when the seraph does something about it. Voices cannot be heard unless the seraph is transformed[4] and the duration of the screams depends on the distance and severity.[5]

Mind Control: When combined with a Bellwether's power, Linkers are able to control humans and brainwash them to do their commands.[6]

Human Detection: With sufficient training, a Linker can detect human presences over a certain distance, even if they are hiding or out of sight.[2]



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