Tenkuudai Middle School

Nameplate of Tenkuudai Middle School

Municipal Tenkuudai Middle School (区立天空台中学校 (くりつてんくうだいちゅうがっこう) Kuritsu tenkū-dai chūgakkō) is a school in the Birdmen series.


Municipal Tenkuudai Middle School is a public middle school located in Tokyo. Most of the main cast are students in this school.

The highest place in the school is the roof of the new school building.[1] After a third year student committed suicide there, it became off-limits and the door to the roof was locked. However, it is still possible to get to the roof via jumping on the branches of a nearby tree.[2]


As a result of the suicide which occurred during school hours, many students were left with a trauma and access to the roof was forbidden.


Class 3A
Rei Portrait
Sagisawa Rei
Class 3B
Hasegawa Portrait Eishi Portrait Ayame Portrait Sou Portrait
Hasegawa Karasuma Eishi Samezu Ayame Takayama Sou
Class 3D
Komoda Portrait
Kamoda Mikisada


English Instructors
120px Smith Portrait
Hughes Jonathan Smith


  • Various classrooms
  • Soccer field


  • Basketball Club


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