Rei Sagisawa
Rei Sagisawa-0
Japanese Name 鷺沢 怜
Rōmaji Name Sagisawa Rei
Alias White
Age 15
Height 178cm
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color
Ability Trickster
Family Unnamed parents

Sagisawa Rui (Elder brother, deceased)

Occupation Student

President of the Bird Club

Affiliation Municipal Tenkuudai Middle School
First Appearance
Debut Prologue 2

Sagisawa Rei is a 15 year old boy who attends the same middle school as Karasuma Eishi, Kamoda Mikisada and Takayama Sou. He's also a birdman, along with the three other boys and his friend, Umino Tsubame.


Rei looks like a perfect human being. With only few changes with his clothes he can easily be mistaken for an elder student. He resembles his late older brother very much.

As a seraph, his markings are white in color.


He is an attractive boy with an outgoing, cheerful, friendly attitude, always willing to make new friends. Although he seems to be just another rich, superficial boy, he turns to be very caring and considerate of others. Sagisawa is also very clever, being the first one to discover their supernatural powers.

As a child he used to admire his elder brother, who was a painter and sculptor. Said brother is stated to have committed suicide after getting into an argument with their father.

Sagisawa is known to be afraid of bugs.[1]



Trickster (詐欺師(トリックスター), Torikkusutā): An ability that enhances Sagisawa's perception and additionally allows him to determine if the speaker is lying.


  • Sagisawa is written with the kanji for "Heron" and "wetlands".
  • His blackout motif is a marionette.


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