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Silent Wingサイレントウイング ()  Sairentouingu」 is a telepathic communication ability possessed by awakened seraphs. It is nicknamed Tweetツイート ()  Tsuīto」 by the Bird Club members.


Silent Wing is an ability that enables telepathic communication between seraphs over large distances using alpha wavesa波 (エーは)  Ē wa」. Silent Wing can only be performed by awakened seraphs. Cherubs are able to listen in but are unable to reply. Communication through this channel is not restricted by language barriers.[1] The alpha waves produced via Silent Wing can be collected and used to determine the seraph's location.

There is a variation of Silent Wing that Takayama Sou is capable of using which is a communication channel between only two seraphs. The alpha wave usage of this variation is noted to be so low that it is almost undetectable.[2]

Some First Abilities give seraphs their own unique version of the Silent Wing. Bellwethers possess a different variation of the Silent Wing ability that is uniquely their own. When utilizing this variation, massive wings appear above the area in which they are applying their influence on. Similarly, Agitators also have a variant of the Silent Wing that is different from that of a Bellwether's.

The different variations of Silent Wing can be distinguished by their shape, pattern and color.



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