Sou Takayama
Japanese Name 鷹山 崇
Rōmaji Name Takayama Sou
Alias Red
Age 15
Height 166cm
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color
Ability Unawakened
Family Unnamed parents (Deceased)

Unnamed grandfather

Occupation Student

Bird Club (member)

Affiliation Municipal Tenkuudai Middle School
First Appearance
Debut Prologue 2
Image Gallery

Takayama Sou is a 15 year old boy attending Municipal Tenkuudai Middle School. He is the mysterious birdman roaming the skies of Tokyo and the one who gave birth to the suburban legend that is the birdmen. Takayama is the one who saves Karasuma Eishi, Kamoda Mikisada, Sagisawa Rei and Umino Tsubame who were on the verge of death following a bus accident by making them drink his blood, thus turning them into birdmen.


Takayama has black spiky hair. He is 166 cm tall. He is sometimes seen wearing sweat shirts when working in the factory.

As a seraph, he has red-colored markings.


Takayama is a quiet boy who is always seen alone, watching the sky. Because of his condition as a birdman, he prefers to not get involved with people. He becomes a suburban legend after he's seen saving people multiple times. He's very considerate of others and likes to help people in need. He's kind and easily trusts people, making him quite naive. However, he's also very clever and skillful.


He was turned into a birdman when he was in third grade by a Eva Oulu who happened to be in the same plane, he and his parents were travelling. The plane crashed in the mountains of South America leaving everyone dead, except Takayama whom she saved.



  • Takayama is written with the kanji for "hawk/raven" and "mountain".
  • His blackout motif are insects.